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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What is Stress

According to Seal (1997) in "What is stress", stress is either environmental events which affect us physically’ stressors

or physical reactions to environmental events "stress". Stressors can be disasters, life events, daily hassles, they can affect us

to become stressed, and when we have the stress we should control it mentally in order to beat it.

Hans Seyle, a most influential stress writer and researcher, says humans and animals react to stress in three stages. The first

stage is the alarm reaction when they are aware of the stressor, the second stage is the resistance stage when they can adapt

to the stressors, the third stage is the exhaustion when they can't adapt to the stressors. Seyle developed the adaptation

syndromes with animals, and, some stressors can lead to the same stress reactions for rats; in contrast with humans one

stressor can lead to different stress reactions for humans.

Monday, May 08, 2006

3 Die in Saudi IKEA (BBC article)

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3 Die in Saudi IKEA
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The Ikea store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was the scene of killing of three people in the crowded line of its opening day. The incident began when Ikea advertised its big opening and its big discounts for those who will enter first. But what happened? Almost 8000 people gathered and stayed in line in a very big crowd for the $150 vouchers; some of them came from the night before and waited until the store opened. However, one hour before the store opened at 0900 people gathered and pushed each other because everyone wanted to enter first. As a result of this crowd it hurt some people and made some die and be injured; even the Ikea guards gave up and couldn't help the hurt people; meanwhile another store in Riyadh opened and had the same troubles.

In my opinion, I believe the crowd is healthy and socializing event for people, when it is organized and safe; but if it's not it becomes dangerous and harmful. According to this Ikea story, it's completely the opposite; Ikea and other stores like it should be a shamed of what happened because of its foolish advertising. People, I say they must be smarter and wiser; they shouldn't let anyone take advantage of their need. However, police and ambulances should be aware of any crowd; they must go to it and make sure to keep it safe. In short, I hope we can gather in any public event and enjoy it, and of the same time we have to learn anywhere in this world to organize ourselves in any crowd.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


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He lives in Seattle; it took him 45 minutes to go back and forth to work if he's lucky. Sometimes it took him 4 hours to go back and forth to work. That forced him to watch what's going on on the road and it led him to realize a lot of things. In fact he realized that traffic is fantasy, it's like "a flowing liquid" he said. He also became a main part of this traffic; he uses his car just to be in the traffic and watch people. Finally, he thinks the traffic is a phenomena.

In my opinion, I believe that traffic is bad, and it's the only thing that makes you hate driving when you're in it. Indeed, this guy surprised me when he said he likes it, I thought he's going to hate it. As a matter of fact, when I am involved in traffic I just start to look for an exit to get away from the traffic. And I have succeed to find other ways and roads to take, so when I come the next time I won't come to the same road or highway that has the traffic. In short, people should organize themselves when they're behind the wheels, in order to prevent the traffic, and I'm optimistic about it; I believe humans are going to find a way to solve this issue.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Great Depression

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In 1929, it was the year the economy started to fall down and crash, and this fall down and crash in several years later in a lot of countries. In fact, most of the countries were hit in this crash were the greatest industrial and the strongest economies, such as the US, Germany, Japan, England, etc... . Indeed, in those counries the most affected cities were those which were based on strong economy. However, it took other countries like the US to get out off this crash after several years. Most affected people are farmers and others because prices fell down 40-60%. Furthermore, mineral and other industrial business suffered from this crash because there was little demand, which affected their economic activity.

In my opinion, I believe that the falling down of the market was very bad, because it affected several countries, which reflected on the world economy. Also, the most affected coutries were the strong ones, like the US and England, which not destroyed the economy of them only, but affected other countries' economy who depended on the strongest countries for sure. As a resulf of this big crash, the world suffered from it for several years, which led us to more poverty, worse health care, worse education. Then, people started starving because of no money they have, no food they can afford to buy, also no cars they can produce or ride. Finally, the 1929 world crash destroyed the economy of a lot of countries and made the people depress and more poor.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Intelligence, genetic disease linked

I went to Intelligence, genetic disease I'm writing my assignment about this article on my web log:>

This Study of Ashkenazi Jews' says there's an uncommon element between their genetic diseases and their higher intellectual ability; the study was made by the University of Utah. That factor is a result of natural selection for increased intellectual ability according to Cambridge University. The New York Times reported that in Europe back in medieval centuries, to get a job you needed more "mental agility". Some scientists say the study is very unbelievable, and others say it is an interesting study. Researchers from Utah U say that diseases such as "Tay-Sachs" could come from genes that increase intelligence; Jews for 900 years were working as managers which require high intelligence rate. Finally, Ashkenazi Jews are 3% of the American people, the won 27% of America's Nobel prizes, and they are half of world chess champions.

In my opinion, I think intellectual ability required a lot of energy, which decreases a human body's immune system. That increases the chance of getting diseases according to the study of Utah U, which is a natural thing according to Cambridge U. I think some jobs which are sensitive require more intelligent employees. I agree with scientists that this study is so interesting in some cases and it is scary for intelligent people. As a result of being intelligent, you can win some awards such as the Nobel prize and win some games such as chess. In conclusion, I believe that harmful diseases can affect people and hurt them because of their genes, especially intelligent ones.

The Heart of Illinois Amish Country

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"Arthur" is the name of the Amish town in the state of Illinois. It has 2200 residents, and
It's a west of of the Amish. Interstate 57 off exit 203. It's surrounded by an Amish settlement that was established in 1865 by 3000 members. The work team on the Amish's farms is contains a six to eight horse hitches, Amish horse-drawn, and the black buggy which is a common sight around the county. The Amish downtown has a lot of stores and shops for everything from flowers through Amish products such as "Rockome Gardens" to restaurants. Amish shops are separated in the countryside and in the theme park. Industry is growing up in Arthur County because of the strong work force and the healthy economic environment.

In my opinion, Amish counties are good and historic places. They are the connection between the past and present; it's a significant symbol for Americans. Indeed, Amish people should educate themselves and be aware of civilization and modern life. Amish people must be more civilized and take advantage of technology, civilization, etc. People that are Amish don't have to leave their places such as "Arthur", they can live in it and in the same time they should have stores and shops for technology. In conclusion, we have to respect people's beliefs and choices if we want them to respect our beliefs and choices.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Innocent person who paid the price of a medical mistake

I went to STORY OF ONE BOY this article I have made is about it, and this is my weblog:""

David Reimer is the name of a man who knows how it feels to be a victim. It started when a circumcision operation failed and turned the 8-month baby to a girl. It was easy to reassign sex in natural way? And raise the child as a girl, the doctors said, but the 34-year old David lived to prove that theory is wrong. He had a painful childhood because he didn't find himself, and he had to go through a strange therapy about his sexual relationships. Although he has had several operations and surgeries to be a man, he had lost his manhood.

In my opinion, first of all, I feel so sorry for David; I urge him to keep on working on this problem, and he'll be back to his nature as he was born. Second, medical science was founded to safe humans from death and to recover them from diseases. After that, medical as it is useful, could be harmful, especially when doctors go wild; they can be crazy and stupid in some cases when they destroyed the patients lives and take advantage of the patient who needed them. Finally, I suggest all governments around the world to take serious steps about the mistake of doctors who misuse medical science or don't respect humans and try on them everything they want to try. I suggest the governments make some rules and some punishments for those who don't follow those rules from doctors.